Training and Technology for Injection Molding

RJG provides comprehensive tools and training that allow molders to implement Scientific/Systematic Molding Techniques thus improving molding quality, productivity and profitability.

The RJG name is synonymous with advanced injection molding techniques and equipment: Scientific Molding/Systematic Molding, DECOUPLED MOLDINGSM, injection molding training, the eDART System™, the Master MolderSM, and Tryout Shop Certification programs, cavity pressure and temperature sensors, short shot elimination and more.

If you are a plastics parts processor, injection molding technician, molder, part designer, quality engineer or quality manager, RJG has the tools to reduce and eliminate your most frustrating challenges.


The industry standard scientific/systematic injection molding training.

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Process control systems and in-cavity sensors (cavity pressure and temperature) ensure the best processes and parts.

eDART Sensors


Cost Effective Way to Monitor Your Water Lines

Tuesday, June 9

RJG will now offer Burger and Brown’s new Smartflow Flowmeter. This product gives you the ability to easily see if there are any changes in the mold coolant flow rates or coolant temperatures. Detecting changes in the flow rate and the coolant temperature...

TZER0™ is the Next Level of Systematic Molding

Tuesday, June 9

Would you like to reduce waste, save time, and create a better design for manufacturability (DFM) experience? Collaboration between design engineering and manufacturing has gotten less frequent as the two have diverged. Does this sound familiar? Getting all...

Verify proper function of installed pressure sensors

Tuesday, June 9

The eValuator is a sensor verification system that provides tool builders and molders alike a way to test up to 30 Lynx strain gage and piezoelectric sensors at one time for proper operation. Testing sensors prior to putting the mold into production can...

Multi-Channel Strain Gage System for High Cavitation Molds

Monday, June 8

The Multichannel Strain Gage system simplifies the installation of strain gage cavity pressure sensors in high cavitation molds. The adaptor greatly decreases the footprint on the mold that was previously needed for multi-sensor installations. By moving the...

G&A Moulding Technology and RJG Have Combined Forces, Effective March 18, 2015

Wednesday, March 18

G&A Moulding Technology and RJG are pleased to announce that they have joined forces. This acquisition strengthens RJG’s existing global footprint, and result in an organization with unmatched capabilities to assist customers with consulting, training,...

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