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    With RJG's injection molding process, you are on the road to continuous improvement and injection molding success. RJG is an internationally recognized leader in process control technology for injection molding. In addition, RJG provides injection molding products and systems, training programs, and continuous support solutions. With a commitment to helping injection molders succeed, RJG's process control technology is designed to reduce short shots, eliminate production defects, and streamline the injection molding process.

    Progress your company to the next level with the industry's leading injection molding process controls. RJG offers advanced process control technology and development resources to help improve molding quality. The advanced injection molding solutions offered by RJG include:
    • On-site plant analysis and injection molding consulting
    • Proven injection molding process strategies
    • RJG eLearning: Web-based injection molding training
    • Courses and seminars ranging from beginner to advanced levels
    • Professional customer support services
    • Application assistance by Certified Master Molders
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    Advanced Process Control Technology

    The injection molding process of RJG begin with finding "common ground" and understanding molding from the plastics point of view. From there, injection molders will leapfrog past their competitors by putting standardized processes in place, containing abnormal parts including short shots, and finding solutions to ensure quality control on high volume, high degree of difficulty jobs. With advanced process control technology, molders can confidently launch new programs and take full advantage of decoupled molding processes.

    In addition, RJG helps its customers simplify validation protocols using systematic, scientific molding techniques. This provides greater quality and reduces costs by making sure that the right things are being validated, and that you're not over validating.

    Injection Molding Process Training

    RJG helps companies increase efficiency, improve mold quality and consistency, and reduce production costs with injection molding process training. Below are some of the features and benefits of our training services for injection molders.
    • Participants of our training seminars have access to fully instrumented machines and process control technology.
    • The interruption-free training environment is ideal for intensive learning.
    • Injection molding process training is conducted on a variety of machines, from hydraulic to all electric.
    • All major machine manufacturers and process control technologies are represented in our training lab.


    For more information about injection molding training, consulting, and process control technology, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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