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Injection Molding Training | RJG Injection Molding Training Courses and Seminar Training for Injection Molders

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    RJG offers advanced injection molding training seminars as well as custom training programs for injection molders. RJG, an internationally recognized leader in injection molding solutions, is dedicated to helping injection molders succeed. That dedication is the reason why RJG offers so many injection molding training courses at so many skill levels. From beginner to advanced, discover most comprehensive and specialized training programs for injection molding with RJG.

    Need injection molding training to help your company progress to the next level? RJG has advanced injection molding training and development resources to help reduce short sales and significantly improve molding quality. In addition to offering seminars and custom training programs for injection molders, RJG provides injection molding products and systems, cavity pressure and temperature sensors, and comprehensive support.

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    World-Class Injection Molding Training

    RJG feels so strongly about the advantages of advanced injection molding training that we have built a world-class training facility at our corporate headquarters. Our in-house lab enables us to offer hands-on training courses on fully instrumented machines in an interruption-free environment. Below are some of the features of our injection molding training courses and seminars.

    • Participants of our injection molding training courses have access to fully instrumented machines.
    • The interruption-free training environment is ideal for intensive learning.
    • Training for injection molding is conducted on a variety of machines, from hydraulic to all electric.
    • All major machine manufacturers and injection molding systems are represented in our training lab.

    RJG helps injection molding companies increase efficiency, improve mold quality and consistency, and reduce production costs. Are you ready to realize the value and benefits of Systematic Injection Molding? Whatever your needs, RJG can help.


    For more information on injection molding training seminars, consulting, and custom training for injection molders, please visit our website or contact us directly for customized private training options.

    Injection Molding Training
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